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The Race to 1984

By Richard Baron
November 2022

George Orwell and Eileen Blair.jpg

George Orwell                                     Crawford Logan    

Avril/Fiona/Sonia                                 Susan Coyle

Doctor Duff                                          Ali Watt

Emily/Eileen                                         Ellie Zeegen

Director                                                 Richard Baron

Designer                                               Natalie Fern

Lighting Designer                                Lindsay Ross

Sound Designer                                   Jon Beales


Supported by Creative Scotland

On Christmas Eve 1947, recently-widowed George Orwell leaves his writer’s retreat on the Hebridean Isle of Jura and is admitted to a hospital near Glasgow with advanced tuberculosis. But despite his rapidly failing health and constant fear of political assassination, he has a vitally-important work to finish: perhaps the most significant novel of the twentieth century, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Based on real events, The Race to 1984 uses Orwell’s gift for humour and plain-speaking to uncover fascinating new details of his complex relationship with the brilliant women who inspired his work, including his first wife Eileen, who died tragically young, and the untold romantic story of the Scottish doctor’s wife who, against her husband’s orders, smuggled Orwell secret supplies of writing materials to help him complete his never-more-relevant masterpiece.

'I have not been so captivated and enlightened by a performance 

in a very long time, if ever'


'The performers were masterful  in drawing one in and the power was ferocious'

'A triumph of a production'

'A wonderful homage to Eric Blair'

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