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In 2016, Firebrand achieved funding from Creative Scotland to work with the internationally
renowned playwright David Harrower (Knives in Hens, Blackbird, A Slow Air) to develop Dark Earth a play he had written ten years earlier and wanted to revisit in light of political and social changes over the intervening period. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with David, whose plays 54% Acrylic and Blackbird we had already had the pleasure of producing in bold found-space productions, and whose choice of subject matter and darkly poetic style we particularly admired.

It was a brilliant week: a room full of fantastic actors, the Firebrand team and David, all working collaboratively to dig deeper into the piece. David Harrower said: “We’ve really dug deeper into the heart of the play, we’ve completely re-imagined it in a way and it’s been an exciting, a really important week for me … I don’t think I can overstate its importance.”


The Dark Earth development team:
Playwright: David Harrower
Facilitators: Ellie Zeegen, Janet Coulson, Richard Baron
Actors: Estrid Barton, Nicola Daley, Brian Ferguson, Karen Fishwick, Graham McTavish

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