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by David Mamet

Nov 2011 and Mar 2012

Carol                           Janet Coulson

John                            Simon Desborough


Director                      Richard Baron

Designer                     Adrian Rees

Sound Designer         Jon Beales


Firebrand’s third production – David Mamet’s controversial play about education, power and sexual politics, Oleanna – was a tremendous success on its first outing at The Wynd Theatre in Melrose. And it was in no small part due to this production and the fact that Susan Taylor, then operations manager at Heart of Hawick came to see the show, that Firebrand entered a new phase in the company’s existence, making the Hawick arts and cultural hub its home.

Oleanna went on to be the second revival of a Firebrand show at Heart of Hawick, this time in the main auditorium, cementing the relationship and creating the foundations for many collaborations to come. The show was also Firebrand’s first touring production, transferring for two nights to The Maltings, Berwick-Upon-Tweed. And it caused a good deal of discussion after all the performances!



“A remarkable performance, have been talking about it endlessly since.”  Ros De La Hey, Mainstreet Trading, via email


“It was fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough.”  Steven Cook, Twitter


“Fantastic production, amazing performances, great directing… What a treat.”  Louisa Ogilvie, Facebook


“If you don’t want to think – don’t go. If you do, well worth the visit.” Hans Waltl, email

Oleanna 7
Oleanna 5
Oleanna 6
Oleanna 3
Oleanna 1
Oleanna 4
Oleanna 2
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