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by Rona Munro

Oct-Nov 2012

In association with Heart of Hawick


Fay                              Blythe Duff

Josie                           Irene Allan

Guard 1 (George)      Crawford Logan

Guard 2 (Sheila)         Claire Dargo


Director                      Richard Baron

Designer                     Adrian Rees

Lighting Designer      Kate Bonney

Sound Designer         Jon Beales


Iron told the story of Fay, a woman in prison for the murder of her husband, who receives a visit from her daughter, Josie, whom she hasn’t seen for 15 years. This shatteringly powerful play unravels the lives of both women with scalpel-like precision as Josie struggles to understand the stranger before her and above all to find out what really happened on the night her father was killed.


Blythe Duff went on to win Best Female Performance for her portrayal of Fay at the 2013 Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland supported by Creative Scotland.



“Blythe Duff’s world-class performance, as deep complex and heart-rending as life itself” (awarded Performance of the Week) **** The Scotsman


“Richard Baron’s thrilling production…the four strong cast is excellent, Duff is stunning as Fay” **** The List


“The stark set and the chilling sounds of clanging gates and turning locks added to the tense and thoroughly absorbing atmosphere of this tightly directed and thoroughly human play” **** Edinburgh Guide


“Highly recommended…there are some great things coming out of the Borders and it looks like Firebrand is one of them” **** Fringe Review


Blythe’s “breathtaking performance” featured in The List’s Hot 100 Cultural Events of 2012

“For Ellie Zeegen and Janet Coulson, the artistic directors of Firebrand, it is simply about making theatre of the highest quality from plays in whose quality they have faith. And in this they succeed triumphantly” Judy Steel, Southern Reporter



Toured October-November 2012

Heart of Hawick

Cat strand, New Galloway

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

The Wynd, Melrose

The Traverse, Edinburgh

5 Iron
4 Iron
1 Iron
2 Iron
3 Iron
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