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Letter of Last Resort

by David Greig

Nov 2016

1 Letter of Last Resort
4 Letter of Last Resort
6 Letter of Last Resort
5 Letter of Last Resort
3 Letter of Last Resort
2 Letter of Last Resort
7 Letter of Last Resort
8 Letter of Last Resort

In partnership with Heart of Hawick


PM                               Ellie Zeegen

John                            Ali Watt


Director                       Richard Baron



David Greig’s brilliant and thought-provoking political comedy offered the perfect opportunity for Firebrand to take its audience on a journey, and not just a metaphorical one. Having been instructed to gather at the Heart of Hawick, everyone boarded a bus and was transported through the dark country lanes to a top secret location somewhere deep in the Scottish Borders…

On arrival members of the audience entered a country house, to be presented with a glass of wine and instructed to be quiet so as not to disturb the Prime Minister. Everyone was then ushered into a large room to witness a conversation every new leader of the country must have.

It’s late on the night after the general election and the new Prime Minister is working when she is interrupted by a civil servant — a letter must be written instructing the Trident submarine commander to retaliate (or not) should Britain be obliterated by a nuclear attack. It will take a “moment” to write but its implications are for all time.


What the audience thought:


“Saw the show today and it was truly brilliant. Theatre at its most alive. Well done.” Jack Trinity, email


“A short dose of thought-provoking, totally unique and exceedingly well done theatre, like you’ve NEVER seen theatre before.” Wendy Feakins, email


“Simply amazing. Highly recommended.” Abby Oakes, email


“Thank you for a lovely performance. Thoughtful and thought provoking.  Congratulations on a terrific show.” Irene Allan, email


“@HeartofHawick @FirebrandTheatr Outstanding, imaginative, wonderfully acted and staged production. Multiple bravos to all.” John Hunter, Twitter


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