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by George Brant

Feb 2016

In co-production with The Byre Theatre, St Andrews, and Heart of Hawick


The Pilot                       Janet Coulson


Director                        Richard Baron

Designer                      Ken Harrison

Lighting Designer       Simon Wilkinson

Sound Designer          Jon Beales


“My pulse quickens. It is not a fair fight, but it quickens”


She’s a hot-rod F16 fighter pilot. She’s pregnant. Her career in the sky is over. Now she sits in an air-conditioned trailer in Las Vegas flying remote-controlled drones over the Middle East. She struggles through surreal twelve-hour shifts far from the battlefield, hunting terrorists by day and being a wife and mother at night. As the pressure mounts, the boundaries begin to blur.

Thrillingly targeting our perceptions about modern warfare and how we live and fight in an increasingly virtual world, this strikingly topical and internationally acclaimed solo drama stars Janet Coulson as The Pilot and is directed by Richard Baron, with a searing sound design by the award-winning composer Jon Beales.


“Played with impressive concentration and passion by Janet Coulson . . . directed in supremely simple style by Richard Baron, with superb lighting by Simon Wilkinson” 

**** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman


“Compelling . . . Janet Coulson gives a simmering performance”

**** Allan Radcliffe, The Times



What the audience thought:


“Janet Coulson is absolutely mesmerising in Grounded. Congratulations to all at Firebrand for continuously bringing us stunning theatre. It was more than worth the 110-mile trip to see this show. Fabulous.” Anna Sommerville, Facebook


“unequivocally superb, shattering performance of Grounded in Hawick tonight. Acting and production at the highest level.” John Hunter, Twitter


“Grounded was brilliant, well done to Firebrand, you’ve cracked it again.” Kirsty Jobling, Twitter


“#Grounded was the most incredible piece of theatre I’ve seen in a while.” Jen Grace, Twitter


“the most captivating and beautiful piece of theatre by @FirebrandTheatr…absolutely incredible and so relevant.” Caroline Christie, Twitter


“#Grounded. Stunning from @JanetCoulson and @FirebrandTheatr #Blue…powerful, compelling, moving.” James Rottger, Twitter


Toured March 2016

Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Heart of Hawick

8 Grounded
7 Grounded
4 Grounded
2 Grounded
6 Grounded
5 Grounded
3 Grounded
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11 Grounded
10 Grounded
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