WHITE-ROSE-A5-double-side-v4-2IRON 31Oct-17Nov 2012



 Grounded flyer-FINAL

BBBBBBBBBBBBBThe second ever UK tour of the global phenomenon


It’s the speed
It’s the G-Force pressing you back as you tear the sky
It’s the ride

She’s a hot-rod F16 fighter pilot. She’s pregnant. She’s grounded. Her career in the sky is over. Now she flies remote-controlled drones over the Middle East. She struggles through surreal twelve-hour shifts far from the battlefield, hunting terrorists by day and returning to her family at night. As the pressure mounts, the boundaries begin to blur. Thrillingly targeting our perceptions about modern warfare and how we live and fight in an increasingly virtual world, this grippingly compulsive play stars Janet Coulson and is directed by Richard Baron, with a searing sound design by the award-winning composer Jon Beales.

“A stratospheric level of theatrical intensity” ***** Daily Telegraph

“A heartbreaking, beautiful, necessary and perfectly-structured solo drama … an essential story for our times” **** Scotsman

Suitable for ages 14+

Ticket information:

Heart of Hawick: 3-6th March 2016.  Box office 01450 360688

The Byre, St Andrews:  9-19th March 2016. Box Office 01334 475000


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