At present Firebrand only exists if we can achieve funding on a project to project basis, which frustrates our ambitions to plan ahead. We are therefore seeking 50 founding patrons or “Firestarters” who are prepared to commit to an annual £250 donation or more. This will help us prepare and produce a major, high-quality production like Iron or White Rose every year.
As a thank you, all Firestarters will be invited to First Night drinks receptions; have the option of having their names “branded” on a special Firebrand honours board (which will hang in the foyer at the Heart of Hawick); will receive a quarterly newsletter giving advance notice and priority booking information on all future productions and special meet the cast events, and a free signed programme for every show.



If all Firebrand’s regular patrons each made us a donation of £50 per annum we would be able to mount another A Play, a Pie and a Pint production like our popular Being Norwegian or 54% Acrylic.
    In return for becoming a Flame, we’ll invite you to a First Night drinks reception, list you in our programme, which you’ll receive free along with a Firebrand car window sticker, and we will send you our quarterly newsletter with advance booking information. We’ll also be arranging Firebrand group visits to other venues and hosting events like last year’s hugely popular David Tennant Look Back in Anger cinema screening.



By making a single donation of any size and becoming a Spark, you would help us buy props and costumes, photocopy scripts, create the posters and fund any number of behind-the-scenes necessities that go into each and every production. Any help is very gratefully received and in return we’ll list you in our programme, but you can, of course, remain anonymous if you prefer. In either case, we’ll give you a free Firebrand car window sticker! And you will receive our newsletter and be invited to Friends events during the year.

If you would like to support us by becoming a Firestarter, a Flame or a Spark, or in some other way, please use the form below to drop us a line and let us know your email address, then press go! We will be in contact with you shortly:

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